Recently I have heard multiple people say how they haven`t found a good rhythm for spending time with God in the mornings and therefore don’t do it. I totally understand. It took me a long time to find  the best ways of spending intentional time with God that work for me. I have always known closeness with God but it took me time to grow to understand that there is always a deeper level of intimacy with God and that He is inviting us to know Him more. There is no lid to His well and He is always looking to be closer to our hearts but we just need to start getting intentional about Him.

In my experience spending time with God in the morning is an absolute must if I want to feel affirmed, powerful and close to God and people that day. Spending time with God puts everything into perspective and that is why we need to live in a constant communion with Him. Day in day out. So let’s start with the morning. Multiple studies say that mornings are the best time for studying/learning but at the same time mornings are the perfect time for quietness, relaxation and listening. For me mornings are the best because I get to stop and look at how many things I can`t do and how many things He can do and then let Him lead me. Every morning I decide to intentionally pursue Him and let Him pursue me before anything else happens that day. My biggest need in life is to be intimate with the one who created me. I believe all fruitfulness flows from that place of closeness.

What happens when we intentionally spend time with God is that our mindsets are renewed (we start to see the day and our circumstances differently), our souls are filled and our burdens are replaced with His peace. So let’s never underestimate the power of starting the morning with the King Jesus. It can make the biggest difference in your day and in your life.

“All fruitfulness flows from intimacy with God” -Heidi Baker

Learning to live closely and intimately with God is a daily joy but it’s also a daily struggle. The more we get out of the way the more the Lord can do a work in our lives and through our lives. The more we get in His way the less He is able to work. It`s about daily surrendering to God. Laying our lives down before Him. Letting Him take the lead. Letting Him know us and love us.

  • I wrote down my top 10 ways of making the morning count and winning the day. I will be sharing one idea per day for the next 10 days, so stay tuned. I do not write these because I think we have to do all these steps each morning to be good christians but because I believe these are important for your relationship with Him. I believe God is asking this generation to get serious about Him and His ways and that’s why I’m writing this. My heart is to see this generation find God’s heart and love Him fully and deeply and through that run to the darkness of the world full of love and no fear. These 10 ways changed my life and I’m convinced they can change your`s too.


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