2 // READ THE WORD – How to enjoy your morning and win your day

 2 // READ THE WORD – How to enjoy your morning and win you day

This is something I’m personally very passionate about. Reading the word, knowing the word, loving the word and then living out the word. The Bible. Our dear Bible.

It is a book that is the most widely distributed book ever recorded in history.  Each year, since it was first written, it has been the world’s greatest best seller year after year. It has been translated and printed into almost every language and it’s continually printed in new languages. It is a book you can find from any corner of the world, whether from the deep forests of Amazon or from the busiest corner of Hong Kong. It’s a book that the richest of the rich read and the poorest of the poor. It’s a book that not only Christians read but historians, archaeologists, actors, songwriters, movie directors, writers read and refer to it as well. It is the most read book in the world and you could say in the light of so many wars and opinions, the world’s most misread and misunderstood book.

This is a book that  has been praised, cursed, loved, hated, restricted, forced, banned, burned and killed for. People swear on it and at it. It is a book that stirs strong emotions inside of people. Some love it and others hate it. It, by nature, provokes very strong responses in either a positive or negative direction. Many have tried to eliminate it, but failed in trying. It has been banned in many nations throughout history, but it still remains to be read all over the world.

It is a book people have exchanged their homes and livelihoods for. People all over the world have given away everything they have, just to get a copy of this book. It`s a book that many have paid and worked for for their entire lives. It’s a book that has dramatically changed people’s lives for good. People all over the world have been and still are willing to die for the sake of this book. People have suffered the worst tortures and loss of freedom for printing it or owning it. This has happened for centuries and still continues to this day.

This is the book that you probably have in your house, maybe on your bedside table or perhaps read it every once in awhile. It is the book most fought over ever in the history of the world and you have it.

(MORE INFO HERE: https://www.ptl.org/staticpages/5reasons.php)

This is some info that I found after some research and at least for me, reading all this gives me a humble love for the Bible. It is an honor and a privilege to get to hold one and learn from it. Living in the western world where we more or less have everything we need and want, I think we often forget how privileged we are to have a copy of the Bible as our own. I sometimes wonder what my relationship with the Bible would be if I was a Christian somewhere in the Middle East, Asia or anywhere where it can be dangerous to own a Bible. How would I act? Would I have a deeper urgency to know the word and perhaps know larger parts of it by memory? I think it’s a fair question to ask ourselves every once in awhile.

The Bible is the living word of God. Isn’t that just the most inspiring thing?! The Bible is literally “God-breathed” (2 timothy 3:16). In other words, it is God’s very words to us and what’s amazing is that no one has to read it to us. We have it in our own language. It is the most valuable possession we can own as believers because it is His written message to us. From cover to cover, God reveals himself to us. Everything else will pass away, “but the word of our God stands forever” (Isaiah 40:8). Let’s treasure it. Let’s start our mornings with it!

I usually start my day with reading a couple of Psalms. They fill my mind, soul and body with truth, freedom and encouragement and then I continue reading my with Bible plan. I love doing different kinds of Bible reading challenges, like the Bible in 30 days, The New Testament in 30 days or the Bible in a year. All these challenges not only help me to stay consistent and connected with the word but also inspire me in a deep way to know God more.

The Bible is one of the primary ways He speaks to us. Reading the word in the morning will fill you up with His words over your circumstances. It will prep you to be filled with truth, joy and freedom. It will guide you like a map and be a light unto your feet. It will not only teach you with it’s words, but it will also align your soul towards God and shape you to be more like Him. It will help you discern the truth from evil and give you courage and wisdom.  It will correct you and show you the truth. It will help you to be fruitful: “but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night. That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither—   whatever they do prospers” (Psalm 1:2-3). In my experience consistency in Bible reading can also be one of the most effective warfare weapons in spiritual warfare. Consistency will secure your heart in God firmly, so that you will not be shaken in various trials.
Who would not want to start their mornings with listening to the words of the one who created you!? So make sure you’re making time to tune into His voice!


Make it your priority to read the word in the morning. Wake up earlier or switch the time you usually spend on social media to reading and getting to know God. Do what it takes. It is His delight to see you search for Him and study His word. Pray before you start reading that the Lord would reveal His heart and mind to you and that you would learn what you’re meant to learn. Thank Him for this opportunity!

If you are struggling with where to start reading in the Bible or consistency, it might be helpful for you to find a reading plan and commit to it. Not because you must, but because you can. Learning to read the word daily will transform you and bring the stability in your life you need.

I suggest you use at least 15 minutes to do this tomorrow morning and see how that works for you. Then continue to do it each morning with the time that works for you whether it’s 10min or 1h. The short term and especially long term effects will show you how important and healthy this is for your relationship with God. Consistency and sustainability are important.

My prayer is that you would just fall in love with the Bible. That a deep hunger to know God would be stirred up inside of you. That you would run after God, pursue Him and do what it takes for you to find Him and know Him. That you would find Him from the word and fall deeply in love with Him. I pray that you would find the time and the ways to stay consistent in your Bible reading. So that you would grow to be a strong, powerful, wise and fruitful child of God! Full of love and full of wisdom and through that be equipped to be God`s hands and feet in the world starving to know Him. To carry out His love to the broken, lost and unloved. Amen!<3

Please leave a comment below. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this!

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  • Laura Chambers says:

    LOVE THIS!! ❤️❤️ The beginning gave me chills! Ah so true that we just forget how incredibly privileged we are having our own Bibles and being able to read it whenever we want! I’ve recently started reading the Bible in much bigger chunks – like take an afternoon and read a whole book of the Bible instead of just few chapter – and its made me really excited about understanding full narratives! Good job Crystal, this was very inspiring!

    • emilycrystalc says:

      <3 Ahhh!!! That`s so good. It`s true that it really helps to stay connected to the Bible and have inspiration to read it when you read it so that you really understand full narratives!

  • Diana says:

    I was raised in India where Christianity is only approximately 2.3% of the entire population. Majority of the population are Hindus and they see Christians as westerners. It wasn’t easy growing up as a daughter of a Missionary whose parents went to the non believers to share the gospel.
    I have witnessed Bible being burned, and it created a fire to spread His Word as a young girl.
    Today as I live in the US I wonder if I am still passionate for the Word and the freedom I enjoy
    Thank you for the blessed reminder


    • emilycrystalc says:

      Wow, Yes!! Thank you for sharing your testimony and it is so amazing that witnessing all that hardship created a deeper fire inside of you! the Lord turns every bad into good, He is so extremely faithful!
      I think we all need to remind ourselves about this sometimes! Bless you Diana!

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