3 // WORSHIP – How to enjoy your morning and win your day

3 // WORSHIP – How to enjoy your morning and win you day

Worship brings the presence of heaven into our hearts, into our minds and into our homes. It fills our spirits and turns our eyes on Jesus. We were made to worship! I don’t think we’ll ever fully understand the power and meaning of worship but we ought to think about it.

I feel like many christians just love the worship time of the church service mainly because it’s fun to sing or because it`s good looking or even trendy. Often times we don’t take worship seriously at all. Worship is stepping into the holy and acknowledging that He is worthy of all. Glorifying, honoring, praising and exalting God. Adoration and loyalty to God for His grace is providing us the way of escaping from to bondage of sin to the fullness of salvation. Worship is time when we pay deep, sincere, truthful, love for the one who created us. It`s jumping and it’s dancing. It`s bowing down and it`s sacrificing. It`s Joy. It`s being like a child and singing: Daddy I LOVE YOU! It is HOLY and it is FUN! It is serious and it is joyful and that’s the best because God doesn’t expect and want us to just do deeds for Him. He wants us to enjoy Him at the same time! I think that when we take worship seriously it does cause us to rejoice but when we don`t take worship seriously we neither rejoice neither please God. I would even say that if there is one personality who takes christian worship seriously: Satan.

          Did you know that the devil used to work as a worship leader in heaven? He was the one leading the angels to worship God. But at some point he became extremely jealous and tried to steal God`s place. He was casted out of heaven because of that. That’s his sad story. We can presume that that is the reason why the devil hates worship. Because it’s the one thing that he can not give to God anymore. He knows that he has lost the battle but he is still going to fight against everyone who chooses to praise and worship God. I think he is especially concerned when believers gather together for corporate times of praise.

         Worshipping is focusing on God and His presence.  Focusing on God creates the humble heart and attracts the favor of God (James 4:6) so the devil will always try to redirect our focus to anything but God. I think one of the most common ways the enemy tries to break any and every corporate worship situation is by stirring pride and fear. We people often ignore him and act as if he doesn’t exist but that’s what he desires. He is most effective when not acknowledged or not believed in. The devil just hates worship. Sometimes I feel like the devil is not interested in the church until the church starts to worship, that is when his territory is under attack. Worship is our adoration towards God but at the same time it’s warfare against the devil’s powers and we need to be aware of this as we worship. When we worship acknowledging that the devil hates it and God loves it, we will run over darkness with victory easily, because we are with God who has already won for eternity.

             For me it’s always important to worship in the morning because I know that God is worthy of all praise and I want to give Him my best part of the day by giving Him my full attention and worshipping Him despite my circumstances. Now, this is not always easy but it is always worth it. Many times when I wake up in the morning I realize that many of my thoughts are basically very selfish, but as we get to know God more and learn to live a lifestyle of worship these thoughts will switch into God-adoration. When you start your day intentionally with changing those self centered thoughts into adoration and praise to God, your whole perspective for the day changes.

When I was young me and my dance group did a dance  to a song called Seven Ways To Praise by Carmen. It was a masterpiece. Those seven ways of worship were carved of my heart during those childhood years and I think it is important for all of us believers to look at these hebrew words.


“Seven great expressions, seven different flows, seven ways to worship God and this is how it goes” – Carman



    – To extend the the hand, to agree, adore, confess, sacrifice of praise, thanksgiving. To give thanks for the things not yet seen.

“Number one is towdah, it’s the sacrifice

Praising God in spite the fact your world is in a vice

It’s praise that pushes through the wall of all adversity

An offering that flows to heaven in our time of need”


  1. YADAH

    – To lift open hands to God with love, faith, trust and thanks. Like a child who wants to be picked up throws their hands up high over their heads as a sign of desire to be held.

“Number two’s yadah, that means to lift your hands

In response to what the Lord has done through all the land

An outward sign of what’s inside for all the world to see

A demonstration of our love, so come praise the Lord with me”


  1. BARAK

    – To kneel or bow down full of adoration and awe. Submission and trust through the act of kneeling or bowing, it is to continually give place to the Father in every area of our life.

Number three is barouch, that simply means to bow

In the awesome presence of the Lord and all His power

To just be overwhelmed ’cause you hardly can believe

That you’ve been given favor by His Holy Majesty”



    – To joyfully shout the testimonies of God! To triumph! Putting everything you got into it. An attitude of wholehearted praise.

“This fourth one is shabach, it is what we call the shout

It’s praise that’s given way before the answer comes about

A public testimony that drowns out all the noise

Of whiners and complainers as the saints all lift their voice”


  1. ZAMAR

    – To play instruments, to make music accompanied by the voice, to celebrate in song and music, give praise, sing.

“Number five is zamar, this one you’ll like fore sure

It’s playing any instrument that glorifies the Lord

Instruments that blast, instruments that strum

Instruments that keep the beat, so I’ll praise Him on my drum”


  1. HALAL

    – To rave upon the Lord, to make a show, to celebrate and to be clamorously foolish about you adoration of God. Stepping out of your `dignity` for a moment and just going crazy for the Lord. Our word “hallelujah” comes from this base word.

“Six we call halell, that means to rave and boast

And praise the Lord in such a way that gets you on your toes

Wait a minute, wait a minute, what? Hey, now what did you say?

It’s beyond just clappin’ hands

But best of all, this is the one that makes you wanna dance”



    – To sing a new song. Spontaneous worship. Worship that goes straight from your heart straight to God.

“Finally tehillah, seven is the best

It’s the one that is the combination of the rest

It’s singing and it’s shouting, it’s dancing and it’s more

It’s wild, it’s fun, so everyone rejoice before the Lord”


I think we all know by now that worship is more than just singing and playing instruments. It is a lifestyle. It’s warfare. It´s joyous and it`s serious. We need to get to that place where we love Him so much that even our breathing is worship to Him. That place where we want to worship Him with every way possible and with no regret or shame. No fear.


Perhaps it is the easiest if you start with what you know. Putting worship music on. Singing over it and maybe even dancing. Use some time to just adore Him, thank Him for what he has done and give Him your all.

I suggest you use at least 5-10 minutes to do this tomorrow morning and see how that works for you. Then continue to do it each morning with the time that works for you whether it’s 5 or 20 minutes. The short term and especially long term effects will show you how important and healthy this is for your relationship with God. You don’t have to try to do all this listen above. Just share your heart and worship Him. Don`t just wait for the next worship night at your church, but learn to life a lifestyle of worship. Be with Him and thank Him and let the worship clear your day of every attack from the devil.

• Emily Crystal

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