4 // GO TO THE NATURE- How to enjoy your morning and win your day

 4 // GO TO THE NATURE – How to enjoy your morning and win you day

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun. It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, like a champion rejoicing to run his course.”

Psalm 19:1-6

I used to go for walks in an oak forest in the mornings, take my Bible and my journal with me, sit at my favourite spot and talk with God. It was during a very stressful season in my life and being in the middle of nature every day helped me a lot. I would spend hours on top of that fallen tree branch. I would take walks in the forest and leave Bible verses and thoughts on little notes all over the forest (No, I didn’t leave the notes there. I made them well with a string on the note so that I could  tie it on the tree branch and when I was ready with it, untie it and take with me). It wasn’t for the other people who came jogging in the forest. The forest was like my own big prayer room. I remember that it was so easy to hear the Lord`s voice in that forest. Because it was all natural. God has always wanted to speak to us through the nature but we easily don’t even notice it. For me, some of my biggest encounters with the Lord have happened in the middle of a forest or at the seashore.

I always try to find somewhere full of nature, where I can see the untouched work of God. Living in the city center this is harder to do but I often walk to the seashore and sit on a big rock and look at the sea. That is one of my favourite things to do with Jesus. That is the place where I’m able to just sit, listen and be still. The creation speaks so much! I would love to do this every morning before anything else, but I usually do this at least two times every week.

Being in the nature gives us a great opportunity to listen. God speaks to us t

Being in the nature gives us a great opportunity to listen. God speaks to us through His creation but often times we are unaware of it because we don`t stop to see and to hear. One time my friend came over to visit me and she told me how she had just come from a walk in the forest. As she stood there in my living room she explained how speechless being in the nature makes her. She was trying to find words to describe it all to me, but she had totally lost her words because she was so amazed of how beautiful God’s creation is. She was totally filled with awe. I remember thinking how loved God must have felt!

I also love to go for walks with Jesus because that just makes His voice so clear and simple. I can look at the ant`s and learn about strength and structure. I can look at the plants and trees and learn so much about process and beauty. I can look at the sky, the clouds, the hills, and the sea and be filled with awe of how great God is. Everything in the nature shouts of God. This might sound funny to someone but the heavens declare His glory 24/7 and we can see and hear it if we want to!

I remember years ago on a family holiday in Egypt my mom knocked on the door one morning (5am) to see if me or one of my sisters would go bird watching with her. Needless to say, I as a 13-year-old teenager was not interested even when my mom said that there were species that were only on that island and were dying off soon. So I said no. I still remember my mom`s reaction when she said: “Crystal, how can you not be interested in these birds. God created them!!”. My mom has never been a bird person but she taught me how to see God in the nature and in the animals.

The whole planet declares and gives testimony of God’s works. It`s a language that everyone should be able to understand. There are no language barriers. From the smallest atom to the biggest galaxy the living God has revealed himself to all humankind. The nature is not God, but the nature reveals something about God.


“Once you believe in Him, and love Him, it is surprising how easy it is to hear music in the waves, and songs in the wild whisperings of the winds; to see God everywhere in the stones, in the rocks, in the rippling brooks, and hear him everywhere, in the lowing of cattle, in the rolling of thunder, and in the fury of tempests”. ~~ Charles Spurgeon   



Challenge yourself. I know it´s hard to wake up earlier just to go for a walk but I encourage you to try. Go for a walk or a jog in the nature and give yourself the time to be still, pray and thank God. You can do this on your way to work;)

Starting your day in the nature is amazing. You get to relax and get quiet. Listen well and share your thoughts with God. One good idea is to go on prayer walks/jogs. You get the exercise that wakes up your body (which is your temple) and at the same time you get to listen to God and pray for your neighbourhood and country. Jesus died for your spirit, soul, and body. This means you can experience His resurrection life in all three areas!

I suggest you use at least 10 minutes to do this tomorrow morning and see how that works for you. Then continue to do it a few times a week or at least once a week.

  • Emily Crystal

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