5 // SPEAK LIFE – How to enjoy your morning and win your day

5// SPEAK LIFE – How to enjoy your morning and win you day

We all need encouragement and affirmation of who Christ truly is and who we are in Him. I think we all know how good it feels when someone speaks something nice about you, it kind of makes your day or when someone says something bad to you and you feel the affects of that in your emotions days, weeks or even years later. The good lifts you up and the bad puts you down. It can be helpful to find and recognize the things that make you feel affirmed in the mornings so that you are able to win the day!

Our greatest encourager is God! He is full of ideas how to affirm you and make you feel good about yourself and your day. Believe me, He is full of affirmation for you to use. He will not lie to you or about you. Everything He says about you in the Bible is the truth about you. You will always feel encouraged after asking God to speak life over the areas in your life that need that Godly, affirming touch.

Depending on my season I have different notes on my prayer wall that contain truths about me and about who I am, straight from the Bible. I read them out loud in the mornings. Sometimes even if I go to sleep in the evening full of joy and hope I can still wake up feeling very discouraged and in need of affirmation. The devil is always trying to lie to us and about us. In my experience the best medicine for this is having God speak truth over you and wipe away the old thoughts. One of the ways you can do this is by creating a list of the things God speaks to you and about you and then reading it in the mornings when you wake up. The Bible is full of radical feelings He feels for you. When we understand How God feels about us, our thoughts about ourselves also change. We no longer see ourselves as weak, lonely or disqualified people, but we see all those qualities God has put in us. Feeling affirmed is one of the most strength giving things in our day.

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21. Here is the application: You have the power to produce life or death with your words.. The words you speak today will continue to bear fruit tomorrow, good or bad. Have you ever had someone say something to you that hurt you so deeply that you felt sick? Did you realize years later that those words had an negative effect on your life? Long term or short term? Or have you noticed how something encouraging said by someone years ago still affects your life in a positive way? Words can bring life or kill.

Recently I have been in multiple situations where someone I don’t know has been eavesdropping my conversations with my friends and then come up to me and commented on how my words have encouraged them deeply. In those occasions I was just sharing my thoughts about marriage, relationships or the Lord’s guidance. The normal life. But I was speaking words of life and that will always attract people. These people were really encouraged and one of them even told me that she took her ear plugs off to listen to me talking to my friend. She told me she had been listening for over 30 minutes because she was so captivated.

I think one of the most cultivating illustrations of the life and death nature of words is presented in a book titled, The Hidden Messages In Water by Masuro Emoto. This book shows pictures of frozen water crystals formed  under a microscope while speaking words. He wanted to test how the water reacts to our words. When he spoke words like “love, peace, God, or forgiveness” beautiful water crystals formed. Each crystal looked different as a snowflake, depending on the word he spoke. But when he spoke words like “ chaos, hate, Satan, or death” the water formed incomplete or broken crystallines. It sounds mystical and weird but I believe it’s just completely practical. What I find interesting is that we as humans are 70% water! If our mind reacts to negative words, so will our body.

All of this to say that there is life-power in your words. This is also why I believe it’s important to read (preferably out loud) some truths every morning. Good, healthy, truthful words literally produce good things in your body, in your mind and in your soul. Add a little faith and you will see miracles!

Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” Proverbs 16:24



Speak life over yourself and over your day. You can create your own affirmation list or find one from Pinterest. Find some scriptures that really encourage you in this season, read them and declare them until you believe them and then continue!

When you have your list/notes ready, place them in a place where you can easily read them from in the morning ( your makeup table, on your bedside table or in the bathroom wall.) Do this tomorrow morning and see what it does for you. Choose to take courage in the words God has said about you, believe in them and then live by them. Let His words define who you are and let other people’s words encourage you to be you! Choose to believe that your words will produce life and that you will see the fruit, in time.

PS: This works well with prophecies too. If you are contending for something to happen in your life that you have a word for. Do the same thing with that note. Place it somewhere you can easily see it from and read and declare it. It will help you believe in that word and get courage to press in.


  • Emily Crystal

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