6 // JOURNAL- How to enjoy your morning and win your day

6 // JOURNAL – How to enjoy your morning and win you day

Journaling has the power to help you see the amazing beauty of God at work in your life. When you express your thoughts and feelings in a journal, you’ll be surprised by how much you discover about God in the process – and God will use your journal as a tool to transform you.

Journaling often feels like a burden and a challenge, but every single time I journal despite of how it feels at first, I find myself feeling more stable with a greater sense of clarity and direction. The fruit of journaling is peace, clarity and direction. For me journaling can be a way to unravel the storms in my mind and then organizing them into order. It also works well in clearing my thoughts and hearing God’s voice through the things that happen around me and in me. It helps me to communicate with God but it later on also helps to remember what God has done.

I always journal in the mornings at the breakfast table. In one journal I write my thoughts, dreams, visions, hopes, disappointments, prayer requests and prophecies and in another one I write my dreams and the possible interpretations from last night.

These are my 5 reasons why I journal in the mornings:

1. Journaling helps me to organize my thoughts and focus on one matter at the time. It helps me to understand how I actually feel and think about things. For example some days it feels more challenging to spend time in prayer because I continuously find myself thinking of various other things. My brain automatically tries to process a million things at the same time but writing my prayers down helps a lot in those moments.  It basically just helps keep my brain and mind restful and healthy.

2. Journaling helps me remember what God has done. I write my prayer requests down and a year later I can go back and see that many of the challenges are no longer challenges. Every once in awhile I find myself going through my old journals and crying my eyes out. It is always a testimony to myself of how faithful God is. He has done so many amazing things in my life that I can only remember because I have written them down in the process. Old journals are always encouraging because they always remind me that the struggles in life are temporary and that things will always just get a lot better. “So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while” (1Peter 1:6) It’s easy to forget what the Lord has done and that’s why I encourage you to start journaling!

3. Journaling helps me to stay thankful. Writing the things I’m thankful for in my journal helps me understand, process and remember them.

4.Journaling helps me to remember my dreams. I need to write them in my journal immediately when I wake up so that I don’t forget them. Sometimes we are not supposed to get the interpretation straight away and that’s why it’s important to write it down because the interpretation can come a little later. On the other hand I often get my interpretation whilst I write, because writing helps me organize my thoughts and memorize what actually happened in the dream. All dream interpretations belong to the Lord.

5. Journaling helps me to process. Writing things down helps me to see my situations and struggles from a new angle and in that way helps me to make good choices and process the struggles and successes well.


You can start by getting a journal that is just for you and Jesus. Start your morning by documenting your current prayers, dreams, hopes, struggles and what God has done in your life. Be honest and vulnerable. Then be completely amazed of how God has worked in your life.. Write it all down so that you can be a living proof of someone who has died and risen with Christ!

I suggest you use at least 5 minutes to do this tomorrow morning and see how that works for you. Then continue. Decide to commit to writing if not every morning then maybe twice or three times every week so that you get the hang of it and are able to really process in this way.

  • Emily Crystal

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