8 // TALK WITH GOD – How to enjoy your morning and win your day

8 // TALK WITH GOD – How to enjoy your morning and win you day

It has probably happened to you too. I bet it has. Especially in the mornings or late in the evening. You are thinking of spending some nice time with God and praying. You take a good position in your bed. Close your eyes and relax.. A few minutes later you find yourself thinking of something your classmate said to you yesterday. Suddenly you remember you are supposed to be praying and spending time with God. You shake yourself a bit and try to focus again. Then suddenly you wake up. How long was I asleep?
I assume I`m not the only one who sometimes struggle in staying awake in the mornings trying to pray? If we are not alert and focused our prayer times can easily become unscheduled nap times. God is not boring so He can not be the reason why we so easily fall asleep whilst trying to pray. I suggest we try something new.

The Bible teaches us many things about prayer. It teaches us to pray continuously. We should pray to a loving father. Pray with respect. We should pray in Jesus`name and according to His will. These are all important and good things, but we shouldn’t make prayer complicated. Keep all those things in mind whilst praying, but don`t make prayer too complicated.
Talk with God as if he was a friend sitting right next to you. Yes, he is the king of kings and the creator of your soul but He is also your father and your friend. He will always love to talk to us and to be talked to. He wants to be your best friend, your go to and the person you find when facing a challenge or rejoicing a victory.  

Would you consider chatting with God out loud in your morning time of prayer? Here are my five reasons why you should:

1. God is your friend and He loves to talk with you. Nothing we do, say or think is hidden from God, He knows it all, but  He wants to be talked to. He knows your thoughts but He still wants you to share them with Him. He loves to listen to you.

2. Talking with God out loud helps to focus. It doesn’t help God, He can hear you clearly whether you think or speak, but it does help you to focus on what you are wanting to communicate with God. Praying out loud also helps you to not be passive in your prayer!!

3. Praying out loud helps to express yourself. I speak to God out loud a lot, sometimes when in public I suddenly realize that I’ve been speaking in tongues out loud.. I just express myself way better that way.

4. Praying aloud reinforces your memory. Why do teachers and preachers often make people say things aloud? Why do we remember songs we sing better than songs we only hear? Because vocalization reinforces memory. So it’s the same with praying aloud. You might find it easier to remember things you have prayed out loud for.

5. Our words produce life. God has given our words the authority to produce life or death. When we pray out loud our words either produce life or death.

6. Praying out loud is an act that combines the heart, soul, mind and body. It involves motion and action( if you’re anything like me you will also start moving your hands, walking, jumping).

7. You get excited when talking to God. God will always excite you! To know God, is to love God and to love God is to be completely excited about Him. When I Speak with God and pray out loud things become much clearer to me. What He has done and what he says.

There is nothing wrong with praying silent but if you only pray silently in silence, I think you are mission out on something! Silent prayer can often just be a quick zone out and you can easily lose focus. That’s not nice for you or for God. He want`s to steal your attention and captivate your heart. So speaking to God out loud helps us to connect with God in a more `concrete` way. It will help you to focus on God and share what you feel with Him openly and freely. I also encourage you who speak in tongues to do that frequently throughout the day.


This one does not require a specific time for it. You can do this whenever!!  For some of us this is easier than for others. We are all called to be intimate with the one who created us and when we understand that and deeply love Him, speaking to Him all the time becomes more and more natural. Whether you have known God for a long time or for a short amount  of time I encourage you to intentionally try this out. Speak to God as you speak to other people, out loud! ENJOY!

  • Emily Crystal

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