9 // SHARE – How to enjoy your morning and win your day

9 // SHARE – How to enjoy your morning and win you day

The Bible does say, where two or more are gathered, He is there in your midst! So what would be a better way to start your morning than getting together with other believers (whether face to face or via whatsapp) and letting God do what it is He does best. Love on us and through us. Starting your days with the intention of wanting to share your life openly and in a God honoring way with other people will help you build a healthy and joyful lifestyle. Deciding to start your mornings by encouraging someone and being encouraged yourself can be a huge change to your everyday life.

 I love that when I switch my phone on in the mornings it`s is full of encouraging and affirming messages. My church family cultivates a culture of honor and encouragement. A culture of testimony. There are hardly days anymore when my phone is not full of amazing testimonies of what God is doing. I get to get super excited and inspired first thing in the morning. Then I get to add my part to the testimonies and give my encouragements to someone else. Good words create life and that’s one reason why It is so good to encourage and get encouraged by other people in the mornings.
I have also been in many `morning encouragement` chats and groups that work well. The idea of the encouragement chat is to encourage each other with testimonies, dreams, scriptures and  the normal stuff that God is doing in our lives. The small and the big. It works so that each member has a day/date on which they are supposed to share something encouraging with the others. Then they rotate and share openly and boldly and get powerfully encouraged! It`s a good way to share!
I think it’s important to learn to live a lifestyle of sharing. We were never meant to do this on our own, we we never meant to succeed only as individuals. We were created for family. We were created to share. To share openly and boldly what God is doing in us and through us. The testimonies, cool stuff and also the bad and the challenging, but I`d like us to look at some of my thoughts about sharing testimonies and how that can help you to feel empowered.

There is power in the spoken testimony. Recently a woman visited our church and shared a story of how she had a few hours earlier felt like God had asked her to share the gospel in an University library hall. She overcame her fears, stood up and preached the good news. She shared this story with us. This testimony of overcoming fear and being bold stirred something in our hearts. God-testimonies always bare more fruit when spoken out loud and shared. Two weeks later my friend was at a restaurant when she felt prompted to share the good news of Jesus`resurrection with the people in the restaurant. The story told by the woman in the church inspired her heart and encouraged her to do the same. So she overcame all fear, stood up and blessed everyone listening with the real message of Easter. She shared this testimony with a bunch of my friend and that testimony stirred something in our hearts. A few days later my other friend was sitting on a bus when she felt prompted to tell the people on the bus that Jesus loves them. Inspired and encouraged by the testimony she had heard a few days later she overcame all fears, stood up, asked for people’s attention and shared how much Jesus loves them! This is what happens when we share testimonies of what God is doing. God always multiplies the testimony when spoken and shared.
In the Old Testament the word `testimony`comes from a word that actually means “Do again”. That means that we can always expect for God to do it again. Sharing testimonies inspires, encourages and imparts faith to others to do similar things.
We are called to share openly what God has done in and through our lives. God is actually limited when we do not recount His works. In Exodus God did vast and amazing miracles through the Israelites. The Bible says that God did all the crazy signs and wonders so that the whole world would know God. So the miracles were not only for the Israelites, they were meant to be a testimony to the whole world. Soon the Israelites forgot all that God had done though. Psalm 78:40-42 reveals that Israel rebelled against God and grieved Him in the desert and limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember what God had done. They did not cultivate a culture of testimony. I believe God would have been able to do more amongst them if they would had treasured and remembered what God had done.
There is power in the spoken testimony! We should learn to live in a way that we truly honor God`s works by highly valuing them and by remembering what He has done. And then by sharing the testimonies with boldness and joy. We should learn to cultivate a culture of testimony in our own lives, our families and our churches. God`s works deserve to be shared. The very nature of a testimony is to be ongoing, growing, multiplying and spreading. Let`s take a hold of that and make that happen through our lives and in our mornings. We should never underestimate the power of a testimony!


You could start a group chat with other believers and be committed, as a group, to each share a scripture or a testimony with each other in the morning and a brief summary of what it means to you. This is a great way to have fellowship and to be encouraged in the morning. You can shape this idea any way you think is best. If this is not something you want to do, you can just decide to be intentional about sharing your life with some other people. Maybe you have been scared to share testimonies and victories from your own personal experience? Maybe you have been thinking that small victories aren’t worth mentioning`or maybe you have been afraid that you would become proud if you would share testimonies from your life? Testimonies are always to glorify God. You can just trust and know that God is good and that he loves to work through you
You can literally come up with anything! Just be intentional about sharing openly what God is doing in you!

Also, one of the things I LOVE to do in the mornings is pray that God would put someone on my heart that day and then without overthinking it sending this person an encouraging word or whatever the Lord puts on my heart. I do this a lot. Sometimes it`s my best friend and sometimes it might be someone I don’t really know but happens to be my Facebook friend. It might be my childhood friend or a friends friend who`S picture I saw on Facebook. It is so encouraging to get a text back from that person and see how it changed the person’s attitude for the day, or even life;) You should try this!!!


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