“Hi, my name is Emily Crystal and I love Jesus!” would be how I introduced myself to a new friend when I was a kid. And that is still who I am. A woman responding to Jesus!

If you know me, you know that I’m a very passionate person. I`m passionate about being with Jesus, being his disciple, companion, heart friend, lover and follower. I`m passionate about being a woman and living out this life as a powerful woman side by side with my amazing husband. I`m passionate about relationships, marriage and living a spiritually healthy life. I`m passionate about The Bible and being involved in what God is doing throughout the earth. I want to see the broken healed, the lost find a home, the unloved loved and the captives set free! My dream in life is to be known for loving Jesus with all my mind, all my soul and all my strength. That is my greatest prayer and biggest need.



This blog is about and for Jesus`name. It`s all for His glory, all for his name. Amen!

Fully Known and Deeply Loved seemed like the obvious choice for a name when a few months ago I felt the Lord say to me that is is time to start sharing what I write . It was one morning when I felt beaten by the world and unworthy of God when God did what He usually does, lavished me with His love. I sat there on the floor and cried of joy. The Lord knows everything about me, every flaw and every detail and yet I still felt overpowered by love. He really loves me deeply and fully. That gives me the confidence to do the things I`m called to do and this blog is one of them.

My heart is to see this blog help people to live out their lives with Jesus in a healthy, stable and powerful way, full of love and full of wisdom. I pray that this blog will encourage and inspire you and then kick you to a new level of intimacy with God.  I pray that my writings would help you live a healthy and powerful life! Jesus died for your spirit, soul, and body. This means you can experience His resurrection life in all of these three areas!